We started Aster Volunteers with a singular vision, to unite people from all walks of life in helping make the world a little better. Our initiatives through medical and non-medical aid, seek to impact the underserved sections of our society. This short but deeply fulfilling journey of 2 years has helped impact the lives of 1 million+ people, with just 8318 volunteers. And we’re just getting started.

The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.

Children form 25% of our population today but will be 100% of our population tomorrow. It is imperative that we give them care today for the many tomorrows to come. To afford children the opportunity to truly live to their potential, Child’s Health has become the prime focus of Aster Volunteers’ efforts.

Because, #LittleLivesMatter



There are various avenues through which we can create a positive impact on a child’s life. Our volunteering efforts are broadly divided into 3 categories

  • AID

    includes all our initiatives that are aimed at sharing and reducing the financial burden of healthcare.


    includes initiatives that drive us to participate in the lives of the community and take measures to improve life’s health and happiness.


    includes initiatives that help increase opportunities for employment and income generation.

The Non-profit Charitable And Philanthropic Arm Of Aster DM Healthcare

Dr. Moopen’s Foundation was founded and established as a non-profit charitable organization by leading Indian Physician, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Dr. Azad Moopen – the Founder Chairman & Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare – a leading Healthcare Conglomerate spread across 9 countries in West & East Asia. Dr. Moopen’s Foundation is the broad umbrella under which the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Aster DM Healthcare and Philanthropic initiatives of Dr. Azad Moopen are being carried out.



We started our journey three decades ago; a journey with an aim to provide quality healthcare that is affordable. This aim translates well to the universal healthcare philosophy of quality, affordability, and accessibility. We strongly believe that profit should be a by-product of excellence and not the aim of healthcare. This helps us transcend our core beliefs of compassion, integrity, and respect. We also provide support to those who are in need through our foundations and CSR activities.