Mobile Medical Units

Mobile Medical Units have been introduced into service to provide primary medical care to people living in remote areas where medical facilities are inadequate.


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Active Projects

Green Santa

Multiple Locations

With the Green Santa initiative, we aim to drive donation of toys from Asterians and Volunteers under the Green Choices program. This holiday season, you can put a smile on children's faces by donating new or used toys on or before 31st Dec 2019. You may contact and inquire at your nearest Aster hospital for drop locations or reach out to us for information on social media.

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Green Choices

Multiple Locations

The Aster Volunteers Green Choices program will initiate a series of activations that will enable us to shift to a more sustainable future. We firmly believe that sustainability should be at the core of our business, and this is the first step.

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Eco tales is a storytelling initiative to spread lasting awareness amongst school children on the need for preserving nature. The initiative will reach out to 50 schools in Kerala. We feel that the best audience for these stories are the ones whose future is actually at stake.

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Community Connect

Multiple Locations

Aster Community Connect wants to better lives through providing livelihoods, medical aid, employment, free surgeries and more. And we do this through the help of our volunteers and partners. We will continue telling these stories of good that touched hearts and healed the one community we are all a member of - humanity.

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Aster Homes

Lives Impacted: 1000+ people

As the people of Kerala get back on their feet, it’s time to rebuild - starting with their homes. Aster Homes will help rehabilitate or rebuild homes that were wholly or partially affected by the Kerala floods. We need volunteers to help execute this project.

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